Are you one of those girls who just don’t want to let go of a hot sunny summer days? Well, I am exactly right that girl! I can mild in the summer sun for a whole day, strolling around the city taking pictures when it’S 33’C is nothing for me haha and I’d do anything to avoid autumn even though is much more fun as it comes to styling up the outfits. But I still don’t like it. And it’s still summertime here where I live so I really want to share with you this cute outfit with you.

I never thought I could fell in love into flower prints but as they said… you never know! I love them now! They’re super girly, you can easily style them up and you can come up with such a cute outfits. I really hope that you my loves find some inspo for your own style.

I will be back with you this weekend with new style post! Have a lovely day ahead.

I WAS WEARING: full Zara outfit, Jacques Lemans timepiece