Hi loves,

So to avoid autumn I decided to stay for some time at the seaside where I can still enjoy last summer days. More posts about this lovely place are coming up next week but this time I’d like to share with you this cute outfit which is perfect to wear during the weekend days if you leave somewhere warm, obviously. 

I feel in love into camisole top silhouette, they are super cute, very cozy and easy to style up, the one and only thing which bothers many girls is that it’s meant to be worn braless. Many girls don’t like that but I just don’t care. I can be braless all the time haha. It feels good though! I styled this top into super cozy weekend outfit, combining it with the floating midi skirt and my all-time favourite Birkenstock Madrid summer flap sandals.

Loves, you’ve seen this bag many times (many more coming) and I know that some of you are already fed up with it but let me tell you, this bag loves, this bag is a classic. I love it so much! I can’t even put into words how beautiful, handy and cute it is! I wear it all the time and to be honest, it compliments every single outfit you decide to go for! I know I keep promising to write the review on this bag and I will, very soon.

I will be back with you very soon with new posts! Have a fabulous weekend my loves! Take care!

I WAS WEARING: Full Zara outfit, Gucci sunnies, Jacques Lemans timepiece, Louis Vuitton Speedy B 25 in Monogram canvas, Birkenstock Madrid flap sandals