During the very busy week I usually dream about escaping somewhere during the weekend for at least one day. You do the same too?

I’ve been very lucky to be living one hour drive away from Italy which is a perfect country to discover if you’re looking for a pleasurable escape from your hometown. Trieste is one of those cities which are very much popular among Slovenian tourists and I like it too so much. It’s small, cute and easy to go around. You can feel that Italian vibe going on almost everywhere you look around and I love that!

For this day trip I decided to combine few cozy style pieces which I absolutely adore. Frayed skirt and camisole top loves can easily become one of my favourite combinations.

I really hope that you like this quick easy look and I really hope that you found some new style inspiration in this post! I’ll be back with you my loves very soon!

I WAS WEARING: Whole Zara outfit, Gucci sunnies, Jacques Lemans