Yes, I am sitting at home on this sunny Friday afternoon, sipping my green tee and writing this article. Well, that’s just because I want to share with you one of the cutest leather items in my entire handbag collection. 

You all know that I’ve been in a collaboration with Picard Lederwaren for quite some time now and you all know also that I’ve always been amazed by the quality of their products. But this time is a bit different.

Picard Lederwaren abides by the high quality leather products and the one more thing which I really like is that they’re very creative when it comes to new models. I’m very much sure that some of you already saw cute mini backpacks all over the Instagram. They became super trendy right? Almost every company has produced at least one model!! There was and still is an absolute obsession with these cute mini backpacks and that’s exactly why I didn’t want to have one. Until I saw it on Picard’s official site.

Picard’s team is the best! They’re there to spoil me and to make my every wish come true haha! I was amazed and stunned when I got this backpack because it’s just the cutest of them all I’ve ever seen! Ohhh trust me! I did go check Louis Vuitton Palm Springs mini but it’s size is just laughable. It’s too small!! This is also one very important thing for me when it comes to mini backpacks. It still has to be big enough to fit at least few important SLG’s. The size of this one is just perfect; it’s a mini giant!

I do know that you loves will go check Picard Lederwaren collection, enjoy your shopping and I wish you a lovely Friday evening and a fabulous weekend! I will be back with you very soon!