Hi Loves,

As I promised you, I’m back with new style post and since the days are getting much colder, this is the last style post from this autumn season that I want to share with you. 

This bohemian outfit is super simple loves, as you can clearly see, I combined a couple of cozy pieces into the outfit that you can wear during the day to almost any occasion you can imagine. It’s still elegant and not so much on a ‘gypsy’ site of the bohemian style but it still has some those gypsy pieces that I absolutely adore.

I was never a fan of ‘vintage’ pieces particularly but I have one in my entire wardrobe, from my grandmother. This hand-knitted poncho scarf is one of the sacred pieces of clothes that I own, it was the gift to which I was holding on so many years. I never wore it and now I just decided that I should. I came up with this autumn outfit that I absolutely adore and I hope you loves do too.

For the details I chose to wear super simple cross body bag by Louis Vuitton, Pochette Accessories. It’s one of the best selling bags in the history of Louis Vuitton and now it’s unfortunately unavailable in their stores. As far as I know it’s being discontinued for now but I highly hope that it will be redesigned and launched again in the near future just because I really wish to have it also in at least one more canvas print. This bag originally comes with much shorter shoulder strap, I bought longer cross body strap later just to make it more cosier to wear and again, Louis Vuitton was worth of every single euro again haha.

For timepiece I decided to wear one of my latest watches that I received from Jacques Lemans. It’s become one of my favourite timepieces just because of the colour combo (which is my favourite) and 30.0 diameter which is the most flattering for my tiny wrist. You loves can check this fabulous brand here and I’m very much sure you’ll find at leat one timepiece that you’ll absolutely adore.

I will be back with you loves next week. Good night!