Hi Loves,

I know it’s been quite a while since I posted on these series for the last time and I’m super excited to be back with you on this topic because quite frankly, I missed doing my nails so much!

All those of you who follow me here or on Instagram for some time, all those of you know that I was obsessed with my long nails. Yes oh, my nails were super super long, and I loved them so much. The one problem though was that I was never satisfied with the final result of the manicure I got from any manicurist I visited. I simply couldn’t stand the amount of the gel that was applied on my natural nails to “protect” them and to be honest, it did quite opposite. I know many of you can completely identify by that and I know there’re still some of you who just think that I don’t know what I’m writing about, gel doesn’t damage nails and so on. Well, I was just the same, completely mesmerised by the power of hard gels and all the benefits that they have until I decided to do my own nails at home and since then, I was never more happy.

Through many years I tried so many gels, but the one that absolutely blown me away by it’s quality was CND Brisa Lite removable gel system. It was originally designed to protect natural nail from cracking and peeling. With CND Brisa Lite you have the opportunity to grow your natural nails long without damaging them with hard gels. You can use “smoothing gel” if you have shorter nails or “sculpting” for longer nails or if you want to extend them. I was totally mesmerised by this gel system loves all away to these days but unfortunately they went out of sales for some time and now it seems like they’re coming back and I’m super excited about that if it’s true. Anyways, CND Brisa Lite removable gel system is also is a power partner of CND Shellac which is well known all over the world by it’s extraordinary quality. I combined them both together for some time, when I had super long nails and I loved the final result but now when I’m out of the Brisa Lite gels I was thinking to giving myself a challenge; to grow my nails long using only CND Shellac. Right now it seems absolutely ridiculous to grow nails long with such a gentle colour gel but I’m very much confident I can handle that. Before I decided to do that I was on a OPI Nail Envy treatment and it helped my nails so much!

I miss my nails long loves. I won’t say I don’t want them as long as they were but a bit longer it would be fantastic! I know it will be quite a ride to get here but like I said, I’m ready to go down that road and I will be back with you with the updates next Monday! Have a lovely night!