Hands down, this autumn season is super warm, at least here where I live. But it’s slowly getting colder and since winter is almost here in its full freezing glory, I’m getting back to you loves with the outfit that’s super cozy and warm, just as we like it right?

You all know that I’m all about the cute dresses but every now and then I love to play with the outfits combining skirts too. This winter season is all about the midi skirt coziness and I love that! I wouldn’t say they’re a trend because A-line midi skirts are absolutely a classic must-have piece in your wardrobe, but I tend to see them a lot lately. There are endless options how you loves can wear them, today I’m going to share with you one of them, the one that I love to wear so much lately.

The best thing about A-line midi skirts is that most of them are super warm and they go perfectly with any types of boots you can imagine. You will also achieve very sophisticated look this way and also, you’ll be super cozy too. For this look I chose to wear cashmere turtleneck sweater and for jacket I chose super cute Zara biker jacket which is also super warm and perfect to wear with any types of dresses or skirts.

Since the whole outfit is super black I decided to brighten it up with the details, which are the only ones that really pop out in all this blackness.

I highly hope that you loves found in this post some inspiration for your own style. I will be back with you loves with new post tomorrow! Have a lovely evening and marvellous night!

I WAS WEARING: Zara jacket and turtleneck sweater, Massimo Dutti skirt and boots, Louis Vuitton SpeedyB 25 in DE canvas, Jacques Lemans timepiece