During this winter time I’ve been especially obsessed with fluffy bohemian dresses so I’ve been wearing them non-stop during the whole season. Among many looks I came up with, this is the one that I like the most so I decided to share it with you tonight.

You’ve probably already seen me wearing this dress in previous posts but the one thing that I absolutely adore with bohemian dresses is that you can style it up in so many ways and every time you can come up with a lovely boho outfit. They say, you shouldn’t wear floral print dresses in a winter time but with bohemian style, you can wear floral print clothes anytime you want. This floral print maxi dress can stand out gorgeously on its own but in a cold winter days you can easily add a knit sweater to warm you up. There’s never enough of colours with bohemian outfits so don’t be afraid to combine couple of them into one, if you love them of course.

This outfit indeed came out super colourful but you can always settle it down with the details or right opposite if you want to. There are absolutely no rules in bohemian style and that’s exactly why I love it so much.

I hope that you loves enjoyed this quick look as much as I do enjoyed making this content for you. I will be back with you with new look tomorrow.

I WAS WEARING: Full Zara outfit, Jacques Lemans timepiece