We all do have special secret places where we can hide during the weekend don’t we?

After a long and very busy week in the city it means a world to me to go on a weekend getaway to some of my favourite places and recharge batteries for new upcoming week. Among many of them, Bled is one of my favourite ones and that’s not because it’s a magical and special destination in Slovenia but because I have many beautiful memories (especially from my childhood) left here. It has a special place in my heart so whenever I can, I come back here and just relax during the walk around the lake and spend as much time as I can in nature.

For such a relaxing day I as per usual chose super cozy and warm pieces, combining them together in a lovely bohemian outfit which I absolutely adore.

Bohemian dress can be styled up in so many ways loves and this is just the first look that I pulled off with this one haha so I hope you’ll remember it and you would be able to compare future looks and choose your favourite one. This time I simply put over the dress cropped knit sweater, just because it was a super cold day and I also added teddy coat and Ugg boots for extra warmth and coziness. You also can never go wrong with a touch of some jewellery with bohemian style just because it always compliments the whole outfit even more.

I hope you loves enjoyed the reading and I hope you all like this style post and this outfit as much as I do. I will be back with you with new post very soon!

I WAS WEARING: Zara dress, knit sweater and teddy coat, Ugg boots, LV SpeedyB in Monogram canvas and Six Accessories necklace