Hi Loves,

I’m so happy to announce that this is the last winter post I’d like to share with you this winter season and I’m actually super excited for it!

You all know that I’m not a fan of winter time. I actually enjoy the beauty of it while observing it; sipping hot tea at home here at my table, writing an article for you and looking through the window every now and then haha but I’m not a type of a person who would dress like crazy and go out making snowman and enjoy frozen hands. I just don’t know loves, but I guess I’m not a winter type of a person. There still was one thing though that made this winter super warm for me and I bet you know what I’m going to write it was and I can promise you now, I won’t bother you with it too long.

Teddy coat/jacket is the piece without which I just wouldn’t stand the cold this year just because I refuse to not wear my bohemian dresses haha. Indeed, I don’t want to stop wearing them and there were many options to do so and I already shared a couple of them with you, but this particular outfit is especially fantastic to wear on a warm days when winter’s ending.

As you can see, this outfit is super simple and cozy, just as I like it to be. Mini bohemian dress is such an adorable piece to wear especially in warmer days and what’s the best, you just put on a warm teddy coat, nice pair of ankle boots, your favourite bag and you’re good to go. Simple with no layers, no nothing, just always chic and cozy.

I will be back with you loves with the new post very soon! Enjoy your evening.

I was wearing: Full Zara outfit, Louis Vuitton Speedy 35 in Monogram canvas, Gucci sunnies