Hands down, there was no real winter season this year and even thought I’m not a huge fan of winter time, it’s quite alarming that the first spring days came late February here in Central Europe. It still should be full winter time but hey, I won’t start a discuss about climate changes here.. maybe someday.

Anyways, beautiful sunny days are there to enjoy and that’s exactly what I did. I went on a daily trip to Bled, which you all my loves already know, is one of my favourite places to relax.

While I was choosing my outfit, I thought I’d get super cold wearing only this cute bohemian dress and oversized knitted cardigan over top, but after 10 minutes after staying on a warm spring sun it was just too much so this dress had the opportunity stand out on it’s own just beautifully. Since I knew before that I’m about to take a long walk around the lake on Bled, I decided to combine this dress with leather high top Converse All-Stars and I loved the look immediately when I styled this outfit up. There’s one thing about this dress loves that I absolutely adore and I completely fell in love into; the details about which I’m so mesmerised. I completely fell in love into embroidery on every piece of clothing and this dress has such a nice and just a right amount of them. It’s such a cute spring dress which gives you a lovely addition of playfulness into your everyday life.


I hope you loves liked the reading and this bohemian style inspo, I will be back with you very soon! Have a beautiful evening!