.. do you?

Hi loves!

Yes I do. I do believe in unicorns just because in my mind is simply too much place for imagination. I believe that magical things can happen, I believe in mystery and in unicorns hahaa. I created this look just to inspire all you my loves and it’s based on a such an extraordinary product, violet lenses from Ttd Eye

Daša Lavrič

As you could clearly noticed by know, this look isn’t meant to be worn on a daily bases, it’s very dramatic and I created this look just because I want to explore myself artistically and of corse to inspire you to do the same. As I wrote many times before, makeup can be so much fun, there and no boundaries in makeup as long as you don’t set them and I don’t, ever. In this case I went beyond them all and I enjoyed it so much!

Daša Lavrič

I chose all of my favourite products for this look, from Chanel’s essential products to Juvia’s Place Magic palette. There’s one particular product and brand which I also want to share with you. Feral Cosmetics is relatively young brand from US and I already wrote the review about their liquid lipsticks but this lipstick is from the Ultra Satin lipstick collection, it’s super bold, creamy, it applies heavenly and I simply love it! You can check swatches in the gallery.

For this look I created a very dramatic cut crease using the liquid liner from Nyx. Loves, I have to be honest and warn you now. This liquid liner cracks like crazy and when I wanted to apply eyeshadow in the middle between liner lines it literally cracked and I could pull it down with tweezers. I was in such a shock, I can’t ever procedure what’s happened but I just want to let you know this just in case if you’re looking for a liquid liner.. don’t buy NXY.

Loves, I really had so much fun when I was creating this look and I love how it turned out. I simply love playing with makeup and Ttd Eye contacts helped me with this look so much! I fell in love with colourful contacts and I’m going to use lots of them so much from now on. If you’re looking for some inspiration in you makeup routine I highly recommend you to check their official page and you can shop with 10% discount using my coupon code ‘dasa_lavric’.

I’ll be back on Monday loves with Mani Monday series! Good night!

PRODUCTS: FACE- Le Blanc de Chanel base, Perfection Lumiére Velvet foundation 02, Soleil Tan de Chanel, Poudre Universelle Compacte 03, ZOEVA Summer Spectrum highlighter palette, KIKO MILANO Desert Dunes Trio blush 02 EYES- The Saharan by Juvia’s, Chanel Dimensions de Chanel mascara, Nyx liquid liner, Red Cherry eyelashes Chakra; Lips- Kiko Milano Smart lip pencil 715 and Feral Cosmetics Ultra Satin lipstick Euphoric