Hi loves!

I’ve been a huge nail polish lover for a couple of years now. There was some days when I was obsessed with testing different nail colours so I changed it up to four times a week sometimes. Nowadays I don’t have much time to play with nail colours, I need to have perfectly manicured nails all the time and I don’t have much time to take care for them as I used to, so I decided to try out gel polish.

I’ve been a huge fan of CND brand for quite some time now. They’re such a fantastic brand when it comes to unique nail designs, nail colours and innovations. They keep inspire me on so many levels now and when I owned nail salon I’ve been working only with CND gels. I was a huge fan of  CND Brisa Lite gels and this collection was a power partner to Shellac but it’s been sadly discontinued. In those years while I was using Brisa Lite collection I also bought a couple of Shellac gel nail colours but I personally never actually gave them a try just because I couldn’t handle the same colour on my nails for two weeks. But times have quickly changed so now they’ve become very handy and I actually get used to it. CND has so many unique nail colours that you can choose from, I own only a few of them but I know that I’m going to extend my collection.

If you’re a lover of gel polishes, I’d recommend you to try out CND Shellac loves, find some nail salon that’s specialised in CND manicures and you’ll see with how masterpieces they can come up with. And on the other hand, you’ll have perfectly manicured nails for at least two weeks! I applied Shellac Locket Love exactly one week ago and my nails still look perfect. There’s a tiny sign of ridges but I really don’t mind as long as my nails are perfectly protected and this will last for at least one week.

Really hope that you liked the reading and you’ll hopefully decide to visit CND nail studio and give yourself a lovely nail treatment. I’ll be back tomorow with exciting review on one Chanel product that’s become my summer must have! Good night loves.