Hope you all have a lovely week so far! Temperatures keep on rising in these summer days and there’s no sign of the end of the summer. In days like these I always like to wear light make up on my face, during the day I usualy apply very minimalistic makeup and everything starts with the perfect foundation. You all already know by now, I get really picky when it comes to this topic. For this summer season I decided to give it a try with Chanel Perfection Lumière Velvet foundation, just because I love this line of their foundations so much and I knew already back then that this one won’t let me down. And it didn’t.

This foundation comes in a classic Chanel packaging as we know it and the product itself is in the plastic packaging which I find a bit disappointing just because it doesn’t give you that feel of luxury that I always like with Chanel products. I can turn the blind eye to this just because I love this foundation so much!

I’d recommend this foundation to all of you who have oily skin during the summer time just because it’s very lightweight and oil-free and this will help you to get through some inconveniences about which we all know don’t we? Melting cake face during the summer time hahaha? Well, this foundation suppose to have matte finish but it’s not like that flat mat, it’s a semi-matte finish which takes care for your oily spots and illuminates spots that should be illuminated and this happens because of a ‘Patented perfect light control complex’ which contains two types of hemispherical, semi-transparent powders. One of these amplifies luminosity and the other to creates a soft-focus effect which gives this foundation that luxurious semi-matte finish. I know it sounds like magic but it’s true, this foundation is a tiny genius in the bottle.

Chanel Perfection Lumière Velvet feels super light on the skin thanks to soft-focus pigments that smooth my skin in the most beautiful way and my skin stays super smooth and flawless during the whole day just because of a ‘Perfect skin affinity complex’ that creates lasting, comfortable wear during the whole day and this is very important to me because during the day I don’t have much time of catch up with my makeup so I only apply powder on my t-zone and I’m fine. I never expose my face to Sun but it’s always nice to have some protection in your foundation during the summer time and this foundation SPF 15 which is nice. I mentioned before that Perfection Lumière has medium coverage but I know that you can get more coverage with this foundation if you apply it with sponge but I personally don’t feel comfortable to wear much of a foundation so I always use my Zoeva 102 Silk Finish brush which’s been my favourite for couple of years now. And for all off you my Chanel lovers, I have to say that this foundation also works perfectly with Le Blanc de Chanel base too, they simply match perfectly.

This foundation is definitely my must-have pick this summer and if you’re looking for a perfect foundation for this summer season, I highly recommend you to visit Chanel counter, take a tester, give it a try and you’ll see.. it’s perfect! I’ll be back tomorrow ladies with another review! Good night!