I’m super excited to share this post with all of you my colourful monsters just because I had so much joy while I was using this palette for the first time! Julia’s Place never goes wrong with their launches and this time it’s no different. This palette is absolutely fantastic!

It comes is their classic cardboard packaging and you get six beautiful matte shades and three metallics. In my opinion, this is fantastic because I own many of their palettes and non of them has so many matte shades so I think that I’m going to use this palette in combination with others so much. This palette can simply be a perfect addition to your Juvia’s Place collection, for sure!

The Zulu Palette is inspired by the Ndebele people out South America and the inspiring sense of art and colour. It’s designed to encourage the creativity in the art of makeup and I’m super excited to give it a try! Hope you loves do too! These eyeshadows are very simple to blend, they work with each other perfectly and you can simply combine them with others.

Gallery of swatches:

Hope you ladies enjoyed this post and the reading, you can stay around for tomorrows look that I created with this palette!

Good night!