I was so excited when I got The Zulu palette at first, I simply couldn’t resist on putting as much colours as I could on my eyes so at the end, I came up with this colourful summer halo look which I absolutely adore.

For this eye makeup I also chose colour contact lenses from my favourite brand TTD Eye. I like to play with colourful contact lenses so much and you all already know that by now. You can choose between so many collections and colours on  TTD Eye official store which is more than worth of checking. If you decide to purchase some of them, don’t also forget to shop with 10% discount if you use my code ‘dasa_lavric’.

For this look I created a very colourful eye makeup with Juvia’s Place Zulu palette. These eyeshadows loves blend perfectly together. Maybe that’s why I got into some rush and excitement of applying additional colours haha but at the end, the only important thing is that you like the look that you create and that you feel comfortable wearing it. I like this look so much and I could personally wear this look everyday. I feel super comfortable wearing this type of an makeup but unfortunately I don’t have that much time on a daily bases that would allow me to create such a masterpiece everyday. If you my loves have all time in the world to play and discover new colours, looks, go ahead and do that! You’ll see, you’ll have so much fun, trust me!

I really hope that you all like this look and post. I honestly enjoyed so much while I was playing with The Zulu palette and I truly hope that you loves will give this brand a try! I’m in love with this brand and I’m so much looking forward to their next launches! Until then, I still have two more palettes to review for you so hopefully you’ll stick around for that more exciting posts this week. Good night loves!

MAKEUP PRODUCTS: FACE (all Chanel)- Le Blanc de Chanel base, Perfection Lumière Velvet foundation 02, Soleil Tan de Chanel, Poudre Universelle Compacte 03,  Joues Contraste 370 Elegance blush, Coco Codes blush harmony, TTDeye contacts (you can shop on their page with 10% discount if you use my code ‘dasa_lavric’); EYES- Juvia’s Place Zulu palette, Caligraphie de Chanel eyeliner, Dimensions de Chanel mascara, Red Cherry Chakra falsies 120; LIPS- Collistar Professional lip pencil 8 and Chanel Rouge Allure168 Rouge Ingénue