Today I want to introduce all of you to such an amazing brand that I discovered a week ago. Halier is a luxury French based brand which is specialised in the highest product quality of hair care products. 

I found this brand so fascinating because Halter design their products with such a passion and love for beautiful and healthy hair which clearly seen in their breathtaking formula. Their formula combines innovative combinations of nature and science which work perfectly on any type of hair, also on the most demanding types. Halter was so nice to send me two products from Fortesse collection to try out and after the first use I was more than impressed by it.

Their products come in a beautifully designed packaging which gives me that feel of luxury that I like so much. You get 250ml of shampoo and 150ml of conditioner which is a very nice amount of a product.

This collection is designed to boost hair growth and prevent excessive hair loos. I tried this treatment two times and I like so much what these products do to my hair. My hair feels very smooth and straightened after the use but now I can’t tell you anything about the claim of hair growth and preventing hair loss. I’ll be back next week with another post where I’ll give you my full thoughts about these products.


Good night ladies!