Last couple of weeks were super stressful for me but sometimes there comes a terrible time when you’re just looking for a healthy way to get out of it. I really hope that you understand my absence because I’m very excited to be back here with all of you and I also have so many new things to share with you.

For start I’d like to share with you look which I absolutely adore. As you all know by now, I become completely obsessed with the simplicity of Chanel eye makeup techniques and I become a huge fan of Ombre Première eyeshadows. At this point I feel that I babble about this collection of eyeshadows too much but I really have a point. I simply wish all of you could just go out there and try them out just because they will absolutely change your makeup game, especially if you don’t have much time in your day creating your makeup.

This eyeshadows are super easy to use; creams work as a perfect base for powder eyeshadow which you apply on top and simply blend upwards to achieve the perfectly blended smoked eye makeup look. It truly took me 5 minutes to achieve this look which is absolutely fantastic. It very bold and dark but yet super elegant and sophisticated, again, Lucia Pica did an amazing job not just with creating these eyeshadow colours but also with integrating it into everyday makeup routine of every single lady. If you don’t like colourful eye makeup loves, with Chanel, you will. Trust me on that!

I highly hope that you loves liked this post and I highly hope that you’re going to check and try out Chanel Ombre Première eyeshadows, they’re so much worth it! I’ll be back tomorrow with the review on an eyeshadow palette that I absolutely adore so stay around for that! Good night!